Animal & Pet Food Ingredient Safety

15th February 2022

In this blog, British Animal Feeds is here to discuss the many steps pet food producers take to ensure each ingredient is safe throughout the pet food manufacturing process. As the lead sustainable pet and animal feed manufacturer in Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire and the rest of Europe, British Animal Feed Ltd take seriously their commitment to producing safe pet and animal food. It is our priority that British Animal Feed employees follow careful testing and monitoring procedures, from incoming ingredients to throughout the manufacturing process.

Identifying Possible Hazards

Our team here at BAF identify possible hazards in the food manufacturing practice and implement preventive controls to help mitigate those possible risks. For example, including heat treatment while cooking to a certain temperature to help control salmonella within the feed. This is seen in the food safety plan, which each employee must identify hazards and implement on how to control them.

Ingredient Safety Checks

Here at BAF, we take additional safety steps to ensure we can produce safe and sustainable products. Some common processes for different types of ingredients include the following: Grains: While grains such as corn, wheat or rice can provide important nutrition to pets and animals, it is extremely important to ensure these ingredients are safe to use. Sometimes there is a small possibility of the feed having mycotoxins, which may occur during extreme weather growing seasons, such as dry or wet conditions. Keeping the food free of physical health: As our products move between truck loads, trains, boats, etc. It is possible that items, such as small rocks or pieces of metal can enter the product from a small hole or the packaging. We work on making sure this risk is kept at bay by covering the products in a tight material to stop even dust from entering.

Why do we do this?

We implement this safety practice all to support long and healthy lives for pets. From developing the product here at our facility, and all the way to the packaging of the bag, British Animal Feed utilises the science-based process to ensure safe food for your pets and animals.

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