Increasing focus on climate change

3rd March 2019

Increasing focus on feed innovation

The meat sector in the UK is making excellent progress towards meeting its climate change targets, with feed alternatives playing a role. British Animal Feeds, a company with a wealth of experience in nutrition and feeds is already on hand to offer the best products that help in stopping climate change.

In June 2020, the “Meat in a Net Zero World” launched with 40 stakeholders across the UK meat production and supply chain, which saw them collaborating with companies such as ours to make the UK meat industry one of the most efficient and sustainable sectors in the world.

What is the aim?

The overall aim is to reduce meat waste and GHG emissions along the meat supply chain and protect natural assets, such as water and forests. It is estimated that with this moving forward, we can halve food waste and food system GHG emissions by 2030 and tackle water stress, net zero GHG emissions across the whole of the UK agriculture by 2040, and all GHG emissions to net zero by 2050.

Progress Tracked

To help improve productivity, the main progress target is to protect natural assets and reduce GHG emissions when rearing animals, while maintaining world-leading animal welfare standards.  However, new farm-level metrics have been agreed for poultry, pig, and beef industries to help track progress against the GHG emission reduction aim.

While the call to eat meatless is widely acknowledged, the NGO recognises that there is still meat produced roles in people’s diets, even accompanying the climate and environmental standards.  

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