Liquid Liver Chicken Gravy Topper

15th February 2022

You’re likely to be lashing gravy over your Christmas dinner this year… so why not treat your furbabies to the same indulgence
BAFs Liquid liver makes the perfect ‘food topper’ for your pet’s meals, it’ll transform boring same old food into something they crave and be begging for more.

Drizzle the Chicken Gravy Topper over kibble, splash over meat, or mix into raw feeds… tantalise their taste buds and watch them eat every morsel. The Liquid Liver is made from sustainable fresh ‘human grade’ Chicken livers and provides a great source of digestible protein. Produced in the UK, through a gentle enzymatic hydrolysis process which enables more nutrients to be absorbed from feeds, increases palatability, and is hypoallergenic.

What our customers think

Our little Friend 'Stanley the Jack Russell' has given some feedback from testing out the Liquid Liver (Chicken Gravy Topper), or when I say Stanley has given feedback - I actually meant his owner, we know dogs can't talk. His owner (pretending to be Stanley) said: "I ate the whole lot, with my tail wagging, mum pored it over my dinner and I couldn't wait to try it x I'd definitely recommend it to any of my puppy friends, 5 stars from me."

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