Why is there no birds in my Garden?

10th November 2022

Why is there no birds in my garden?

‘Bird’ on the street is, you’re asking, “why is there no birds in my garden?” and you are right to question it. 

This is all depends on the changes to the weather and the abundance of nuts and seeds can all have a big effect on what birds will flock to your garden.

What do birds eat?

Where to start? There are loads of different varieties of bird food available to buy, especially as the winter season kicks in and natural food shortages could occur. Bird food such as, British Animal FeedsPremium Wild Bird and Premium Mixed Nut and Bird seed can help birds out during these colder months.

Each bird species that visit your garden will have a different diet, so whatever you leave in the bird feeder or on the ground will attract the bird species that is suitable for the type of food you place. For example, blackbirds mostly feed from the ground and can eat mealworms that is full of fat and nutrition.

Bird species such as, FinchesBlue and Great Tits, and Robin Red Breasts will feed from either a bird feeder or table full of mixed nuts and seed grains.

The best place for keeping bird feeders and tables

It’s always best to keep bird feeders and tables in places that are quiet, safe, and sheltered to keep them away from predators and hash winds. Also make sure the feeder is visible when you’re indoors, so that you can stay warm and still take pleasure from it.

Birds like to drink too

Even if you don’t have a traditional bird bath, you can use pretty much anything shallow that will hold water such as, an old dinner plate or breakfast bowl. Just remember to keep it clean and put out fresh clean water every day. Pouring warm water onto ice that forms on the water bowl will help keep birds hydrated during the winter months.

What can I put in my garden to attract birds?

Plants with an abundance of seeds such as teasels, sunflowers, Ivy, and honeysuckle are popular with birds and a great choice for them to feast on. You could even plant some wildflowers to attract insects that birds also love to feed on.

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